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Sherlock Gin – Perfect drink

As the name Sherlock suggests, it is inspired by the best hound of all time, and it was born from the desire to combine a number of spices to allow more experienced tasters to recognize them and at the same time to intrigue them. The flavor is not linear, but evolves during the tasting. Excellent for making classic cocktails – such as Martini cocktails – or more complex ones.

TThe method of production is the one of the bathtub, in other words the cold infusion of botanicals with premium grain alcohol. Time is the fundamental ingredient that allows spices to transfer almost entirely their aroma to alcohol. The alcohol is then diluted with demineralized water to reach the 47 %Vol. , which is the alcohol content chosen to allow the botanicals to explode and pervade the sense of smell of those who taste Sherlock. To give the taster an authentic experience of perception of taste, the Sherlock is not filtered and therefore takes an intense yellow color similar to that of barricaded products.
Sherlock gin is a blend of seven spices: juniper, allspice berries, cardamom seeds, coriander, dried peels of sweet orange, angelica root and lime peels.
Sherlock inebriates the taster with the power of its elements creating a unique scent characterized by the perfect balance of pungent juniper, peppery allspice and citruses.
Initially the sovereign taste is that of citruses, the acidity of lime mitigated by the sweetness of orange, but immediately after you can perceive the freshness of cardamom and the peppery flavor of the allspice. The aftertaste is slightly bitter thanks to the angelica root. The tasting is accompanied from beginning to end by the taste of the juniper, and all the flavors are mixed with the one of the coriander.

June 4, 2018
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