Spiriti in grado di sorprendere
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Looking for new combinations. . .

Discovering has always been one of the activities that most fascinates human beings, a way to reach the future and to find something unusual. However, not only the human species take pleasure from the act of discovering: the hound is in fact an elegant and curious dog, which seeks out the scents in the immensity of smells that surround him. Thanks to their overwhelming sense of smell, they are able to perceive a new world that is different from the one we see visually. With his skill and elegance he has inspired the search for flavors and fragrances that contribute to make Mark Spirits’ gins unique. Sherlock and Puppy are the result of experiments, trials and tastings, of a passion for the shades that every sip of them has painted on the palate of the one who created them.

I’ve always been interested in the details, as they show you the difference between the passion and the care of handcrafted product and the uniformity of industrial products.

Handcrafted products display both the unavoidable research for the newness and the respect for the tradition, the inextinguishable thirst for innovation that pushes all the artisans to be the best version of themselves, day after day.

MARCO BORDIN – Ceo Mark Spirits.