Spiriti in grado di sorprendere
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Spirits for surprise …

Discovering has always been one of the activities that most fascinates human beings, a way to reach the future and to find something unusual. However, not only the human species take pleasure from the act of discovering: the hound is in fact an elegant and curious dog, which seeks out the scents in the immensity of smells that surround him. Thanks to their overwhelming sense of smell, they are able to perceive a new world that is different from the one we see visually. With his skill and elegance he has inspired the search for flavors and fragrances that contribute to make Mark Spirits’ gins unique.

Sherlock and Puppy are the result of experiments, trials and tastings, of a passion for the shades that every sip of them has painted on the palate of the one who created them.

The masterful mix of fragrances, the various shades of colors, the pungent and at the same time sweet taste of the gin are all put together to create a synesthesia of the senses, as if it were possible to catch the poetry of an amber scent that flirts with your taste buds before sliding into the throat. The research for the perfect equilibrium of the elements allows us to create spirits able to offer to whom like them both what they expected and what will surprise them!



Puppy is the baby of the collection, a gin with a more basic flavor, but no less refined. Perfect for palates that appreciate warm and soft tastes. Suitable for mixing, gives its maximum in GnT combined with a dry tonic.


As the name Sherlock suggests, it is inspired by the best hound of all time, and it was born from the desire to combine a number of spices to allow more experienced tasters to recognize them and at the same time to intrigue them.

The fragrances embrace the alcohol that makes them more vivid and marries them in the cathedral of the taste

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