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Puppy gin

The masterful mix of fragrances, the various shades of colors, the pungent and at the same time sweet taste

The method of production is the one of the bathtub, in other words the cold infusion of botanicals with grain alcohol. Time is the fundamental ingredient that allows spices to transfer almost entirely their aroma to alcohol. The alcohol is then diluted with demineralized water to reach the 42 % vol. Then, the gin is finally decanted and unfiltered: this allows the taster to immerse himself completely in the combination of scents and tastes typical of the Puppy Gin.


Puppy is produced using four botanicals: juniper, dried lime peels, star anise and fennel seeds.


Puppy is characterized by a fresh scent of anise linked to the classic juniper by means of fennel that embraces the elements softening them.


The soft and intense taste completely envelops the mouth, leaving room for the citrusy notes of lime. Towards the end, you can perceive the freshness of the star anise.